We can simply let you know whether you can use motor oil as a power steering fluid or not. But you would still have some questions. There are different reasons to consider while you are trying to use motor oil as a steering fluid. If you were looking around to know more about it, you have browsed the right web page. 

What Is Motor Oil

What Is Motor Oil

How It Works

Let’s get started with what motor oil is. Motor oil is an engine lubricating oil that consists of some base oils that are enhanced with various antiwear and additives. In the beginning, motor oil was just the mixed form of some additives and base oil that were used to lubricate different parts of an engine.

It was used to reduce engine fraction and keep the engine clean and cool. In a nutshell, motor oil was invented with the aim to protect the engine. Today manufacturers improved the effectiveness and workability of motor oils through the usage of modern technology.

If we talk about synthetic motor oil, this is a much more complex mixture of additives and base oil components. They are designed to participate not only in reducing the fraction, keeping the engine neat, and protecting engine parts but also a long list of tasks. 

Perquisites of Modern Motor oils

Modern synthetic motor oil will do a lot more for your engine apart from lubricating different engine parts. It is responsible for the engine performance. The modern form of motor oil can work as a separator and lubricator at the same time.

It reduces engine wear and helps prevent pledge so that it cannot form on the internal area of the engine components. Synthetic motor oil suspends contaminants and dirt just like regular motor oils. It can strengthen fuel efficiency in the engine.

This motor oil is formulated in the way of protecting the engine across very high temperatures. It operates hydraulics in volatile faucet timing. Unlike old motor oils, modern oils help protect the emission system of the engine.

Moreover, motor oil supports ash-free combustion for the improvement of functional reliability of gas treatment systems such as filters.

What It Comprises of

Although most of the motor oils are made from thicker petroleum hydro carbonate stock, motor oil encompasses mainly two core components; Base Oil and Additives. Of the total motor oil, the base oil constitutes around 70 to 90 percent, which is gathered from crude oil.

Additives fill the rest of the total amount, which is 10 to 30 percent. The additives of motor oil consist of dispersants, anti-wear additives, detergents, antioxidants, friction modifiers, anti-foam additives, pour point depressants, index improver of viscosity, and corrosion inhibitors.

They cover 3% with detergent substances, 5% with dispersant for dirt suspension, 3% with other efficious components, and 1% for wear protection.

What Is Power Steering Fluid

What Is Power Steering Fluid

Functions of Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid transmits graceful movements from the steering wheel to other wheels. It is a hydraulic fluid that conveys power into the steering system. It works by creating pressure to force on either side of the mounted piston.

It allows users to turn the car wheels with dexterity. Power steering fluid is a clear form of oil with an amber color to it.

A dark shade of steering fluid is contaminated and it requires to be changed. Most of the power steering fluid consists of the base stock of mineral oil or silicone. Some are made from synthetic base oil. Power steering fluid is used to improve the performance of your car and give it a long life.

This is what ensures a smooth ride. Most cars are using a power-assisted steering system today, which makes the usage of power steering fluid more essential. 

Merits of Using It

The straight saying is, you do not need power steering fluid to drive a car. But you may enjoy a lot more facilities if you use it. Along with giving you an ease of driving, power steering fluid helps with the motion of the car. It protects the pump against tear and wear.

If you are less likely to use a power steering fluid, you may risk damaging the pinion and pump of your car. This fluid is engineered for a better car performance and draws out the life of the PAS system. Power steering fluid also prevents corrosion and reduces car noise without affecting the gaskets.

Some fluids are added with the ability to protect the metallic parts of the steering system which reduces the future costs. A few people know that power steering fluid stops the chances of leak. Its formulas invigorate rubber seals throughout the steering system by using plasticizers. 

Types of Power Steering Fluid

There are three most common types of power steering fluids used by car users. They are automated transmission fluid (ATF), universal power steering fluid and synthetic-based power steering fluid. 

Automated transmission fluids are used in vehicles for automated transmissions. It is a hydraulic fluid which is compatible with the hydraulic power steering system.

Automated transmission fluid is specially optimized for specific requirements of valve operation, fraction and gear lubrication. This fluid is used in some steering systems that are power assisted. Many modern manual transmissions support the use of automated transmission fluid.

Universal power steering fluid is compatible with nearly all power steering systems. Although most of the manufacturers suggest buyers using their power steering fluid, universal fluid can be used as an alternative to that. Universal power steering fluid contains some beneficial additives such as the ability to improve system responsiveness and performance.

It helps the steering system lose stiffness. It also has such properties that seal tiny leaks in the area, prevent corrosion and decrease regular tear in the power steering parts. Although universal fluid can be used as an alternative, you must check the chemical compatibility and compare it with the one you currently use. 

Synthetic-based power steering fluid may offer higher performance than other fluids. Synthetic-based fluid runs smooth at a low temperature and reduces fraction by continually lubricating the pump area. It enables the parts to get a long life.

Make A Decision

Motor oil is lubricating oil, where power steering fluid is a hydraulic oil. We already know that there are many differences in manufacturing motor oils and power steering fluids.

There is a lot more difference in the components that are used in making motor oils and steering fluids, meaning that these two are made for independent purposes and are not likely to be used as alternatives.

If it is your habit to use motor oil instead of any power steering fluid, you are attacking the rubber parts of the steering system besides the seals. When you remove the hose from your vehicle’s pump, the oil goes out of the reservoir. It can even draw a bad reaction with the original fluid left in your power steering pump. 

If you accidentally or willingly use a little amount of motor oil for power steering fluid, it may not cause any changes or harm to your pump. Since these are made from the same type of base stock, slightly mixing them may also not lead to any incompatibility and seal damage.