Amazon basics synthetic motor oil has created some buzz in the automobile world. With the release of this motor oil, there have been some mixed reactions from people. Some were hopeful that it would be good, whereas some were very skeptical about it.

Now that some time has passed and we have a good idea of what this oil is all about and what it offers, it is a good time to discuss it. Here, in this Amazon Basics full synthetic motor oil review, we have stated our perception of this popular synthetic motor oil.

About AmazonBasics Motor Oils

There are a few things that we think you should know before judging this product. The manufacturer of this motor oil is Warren Distribution. They started their journey as an oil company back in 1922 and earned their reputation to produce excellent motor oils. They are now one of the leading brands in oil blending and automobile lubricants.

Presumably, this same oil blending company makes SuperTech for Walmart, and it has a mostly positive notion. Therefore, we expect no less from this Amazon Basics motor oil.

Specification and Features of Amazon Motor Oil 5w-20

Let’s take a look into the feature and specifications of the Amazon Basics synthetic motor oil before diving into the review section.

  • The motor oil is fully synthetic motor oil and can be used in a variety of cars
  • It is built to provide high-level engine protection even during severe operation condition
  • The motor oil comes in a 5-quart gallon
  • The formula is created for longer drain intervals
  • This oil reduces the occurrence of low-speed pre-ignition
  • It prevents burn-off tendency
  • The motor oil helps minimize engine deposits or build-ups that can cause corrosion or rust to the engine
  • By reducing friction, the oil increases the durability of the engine
  • It reduces exhaust emissions
  • This motor oil is suitable for all gasoline automotive engines
  • It has high resistance to viscosity
  • The oil is excellent for use in cold weather
  • The oil is approved by American Petroleum Institute
  • The oil meets the standard of API SN PLUS, SN, SM or SL, and ILSAC GF-5 or GF-4.

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil Review

Right off the bat, we can say that Amazon Basics 5W-20 motor oil is pretty good and compatible with most vehicles. Despite being very reasonably priced, this oil has so much to offer. There is no denying that this motor oil has the potential to beat other popular motor oils like Mobil 1 both performance-wise and price-wise.

The motor oil is suitable for a wide range of cars or vehicles unless it is a turbo engine. Although, you always need to check your vehicle’s manual to know the most appropriate oil for your car.

An amazing feature of this oil is its resistance to viscosity. It is challenging to find motor oil that will work during the colder seasons. Many times the oil gets frozen and results in the car not starting or working. That is not the case for this full synthetic motor oil from Amazon basics. The oil will not solidify even in winter and make your car run smoothly.

Another great thing about this oil is that it is economically friendly. Not only is it affordable compared to other brands, but it also takes care of your engine. The oil ensures less friction occurs while driving your car, hence less corrosion. The wear time for your engine increases exponentially due to this amazing fuel. Moreover, it also prevents unwanted build-ups collection in your vehicle.

Those engine deposits or build-ups can clog or hamper the smooth operation of your car. The Amazon Basics motor oil provides what you need for your car to function effortlessly.

Amazon Basics Motor Oil | Pros

  • The best thing about this Amazon Basics motor oil is that it is affordable and easily accessible. Many customers are triggered due to the price as they don’t want to spend a lot of money buying oil for their automobiles. 
  • Although you do not have to pay a fortune for this oil, that does not mean you have to compromise with the quality. The Amazon Basics 5w-20 motor oil is just as good as other high-end oils in the market.
  • It is a perfect oil to use in the winter season. Many struggles with oils during colder months, and with high resistance to viscosity, this motor lubricant works wonders for your car.
  • The formula is made to be corrosion resistant and reduce friction in your engine. This results in less damage or wears out of your engine. This makes it very beneficial for your car, especially if you do not wish to repair your car every once in a while.
  • The oil is made for longer drain intervals. You can refill your tank once with this motor oil and be worry-free for quite some time. Your car goes a long way and mileage with this oil. However, the mileage can vary a little depending on your car’s model. 
  • Being an Amazon product, you do not have to worry about getting your hands on this product or searching for it. You can simply order it through Amazon, which makes it incredibly accessible.
  • This motor oil is certified by the American Petroleum Institute. Above that, it has SN Plus service certification, which is the most updated one.
  • This synthetic motor oil has a long shelf life. 

AmazonBasics Motor Oil | Cons

  • Although the product’s name suggests that the oil is fully synthetic, that might not be true. It is a synthetic blend of oil. In the USA, some hyper-processed petroleum oils are allowed to be marketed as full synthetic oils. They can have some percentage of other elements yet can be categorized as full synthetic oil.
  • The packaging of the oil could be improved. The container does not indicate how much oil is remained in the container. If a transparent strip were included in the container, it would be very easy to use and understand when to buy a new one.
  • Some models of cars get very little mileage out of this motor oil. Ensure that the oil matches the requirements of your car. 
  • The oil is not suitable for turbo engines.

Suitable Users for Amazon Basic Motor Oil

Being an affordable synthetic motor oil, this oil can be a good choice for anyone frequently needing motor oils. Professional mechanics can have it as a spear motor oil if they want as it is suitable for many commonly used cars. This Amazon Basics motor oil can be a good addition to any garage. Apart from professional use, this is suitable for private car owners as well.

To Conclude

With so many good branded motor oils available in the market, Amazon basics surely had to come up with some incredible features to offer. Otherwise, they would have lost in the battle of motor oils.
Undeniably they did not disappoint their customers with the reputation of their manufacturer.

After reading the Amazon Basics full synthetic motor oil review, now you know that it is indeed an outstanding synthetic motor oil that also comes at a competitive price.


Who makes Amazon Basics synthetic motor oil?

Warren Distribution is the manufacturer of the Amazon Basics synthetic motor oil.

Is Amazon Basics oil synthetic?

Although it is labeled as full synthetic oil, presumably, it is not 100% synthetic oil. It has some mineral oil or petroleum formulated in it.

How long does Amazon synthetic oil last?

The Amazon synthetic oil can last up to 8000 miles.

Is full synthetic motor oil better?

Full synthetic motor oils provide better performance and protection compared to synthetic blend motor oils.