While trying to figure out the possible healing powers of crude oil motor oil was invented. It was disappointing that the expected result was not found, but the potential lubricating power became groundbreaking.

Lubricant or motor oils are one of the most important elements to run a motor engine. Their internal combustion is what powers the engines, engine vehicles and other components that run with motor oil. The combination of the oil was better than any other of that time which revolutionized the development of lubricant for steam engines. And now there is more than enough motor oil to overcome the previous defects or inefficiencies. 

Among all the current preferable motor oil that offers better quality and efficiency, Carquest of Carquest corporation is one of the best. The product manufactured by Amalie Oil Company is prominent to any motor oil experts. In the oil industry it is known as the one of the top-performing oils that can work for a good number of various engines. Gradually the development of the oil is turning it into a jack of all trades. This article is to help everyone understand about the carquest motor oil from the smallest details to the biggest. 

Supplier of Carquest oil

The carquest motor oil is developed by the Carquest Corporation. This corporation has been providing some quality products to its consumers since 1974. Their work has been remarkable and prominent for their deliverance worldwide. The company first started its journey alliance with many warehouse distributors. 

In time their regular and dominant involvement in the automotive market has grown them having over 60 distribution centers right now. Currently in the United States of America , Canada, and Mexico they have a store number of more than 3,400. Carquest motor oil is not their only supply, they provide some other top-quality prominent products. 

Manufacturers of Carquest oil

The contribution of Carquest Corporation with carquest oil in the automotive market has made them keep on moving this far. But the supplier and manufacturer of the oil is not the same company. 

The oil is manufactured in the name of the brand Amalie Oil Company. This firm started its journey way before Carquest Corporation, 1903 in Franklin, Pennsylvania. The multi-grade oil introduction of the firm in 1953 got them to a whole new level. They developed that oil over the years and came up with Carquest oil.  

They are one of the top companies on the manufacture of synthetic oil, transmission oil, and motor oil that varies in weights. They are one of the top quality fluid solution providers in the world market. Along with Carquest they provide private labels like o’Reilly Auto, Walmart, AutoZone, Part Store, and Advanced Auto Parts. The company is in the responsibility of the Barletts family who bought the firm from Petroleum Packers firm in 1977. Just after taking over the company they brought in the market Carquest premium. It’s one of the best motor oil that exceeds the market standard. This oil provides life-longing service for the motors along with exceptionally high performance, and protects the negines. 

Ingredients of carquest oil

Carquest motor oil is composed of Valvoline and some other premium additives with high quality oil. The amount of additives is slightly less compared to the other options available in the market. The oil is fully synthetic and multigrade.


In the US unit the viscosity index for the best carquest oil which is SAE 5w-30 is 154. The CCS viscosity at -22 degrees Fahrenheit is 6400 cP. The performance in warmer weather is good enough. The kinematic viscosity at 104 degrees Fahrenheit is 320 SSU.   


The cost is affordable enough compared to the other motor oils that are available in the market. While some motor oils will cost you a certain amount with only having the feature of protecting your engine, Carquest oil with that same exact price offers possible damage protection, a good lifespan and good internal combustibility. 

Performance of Carquest Motor Oil

The performance of carquest motor oil is exquisitely satisfying. It’s one of the best lubricants right now providing good performance for various engines. 

The Carquest full synthetic oil

This oil can perform exquisitely well in any weather. Most of the drivers are concerned about the motor oils while considering any long-drive or driving in various conditions. Carquest oil is the solution for that concern. The oil has the ability to perform in a lower temperature and even works fine in warm weather. No matter the condition, carquest is best to protect the engine compared to any other oils.

The Carquest high mileage oil

The available conventional motor oils in the market right now work mostly for vehicles or engines that can keep up for 7,500 miles. Any further than that increases the chance of damaging the engine and shortening its lifespan. Though the mileage is considered under normal conditions.

Carquest can offer better service in thai case no matter what the condition may be. The oil keeps working well even in a temperature of below 26. The excellent additives of the motor oil helps the engine to get rid of any engine sludge. The protection with high mileages of carquest is astonishing

The Carquest full synthetic high mileage oil

Traditionally synthetic oils do not offer good additives for high mileage oils that can protect the engine well. Carquest breaks the conventional way and offers a good full synthetic motor oil combination that features high mileage additives. And ultimately protects the engine from possible damage. The risk of leak is less and for decreased oil consumption the seal condition is restored.    


Is the quality of Carquest oil good enough?

Carquest oil is one of the top-performers among most of the motor oils of the automotive world. Their best feature is the protection of the engine. So no matter what may concern you while using this oil, your engine protection from possible oil leaks or damage should not be one of them. This feature helps the engine to reach a good extent of lifespan and durability. 
Drivers are less concerned about the driving condition while using the oil. The price is affordable compared to the other option and the product lasts for a long period. Ultimately you are getting an efficient motor oil for your engines. 

Who are the makers of Carquest oil?

Right now the manufacturer of the carquest oil in the market is Amalie Oil Company. They are renowned in the world market for their supply of top-quality products to many private labels. The supplier of the lubricant is Carquest Corporation.

What is the best product of Carquest?

SAE 5w30 is the best outline product of Carquest. The oil is preferred in light-duty petrol and diesel engines, but also can be used in heavy duty. This is a multi-grade oil as it ranges from lower viscosity grade of 5 to as high as 30. Using the oil makes the engine run like a new one. The use of premium materials in the combinations and the best additives made this possible. The exceptional wear protection, friction controbality, energy transformation, cleaning power and the exceptional performance will amaze anyone. 

Final verdict

Carquest is one of the best in the market right now. The combination of the product is aiming at the feature of protection of the engines, trying to improve more. Usage of carquest oil increases the lifespan. Already it has a good demand in the market.

What is best for your engine depends greatly on the type of engine you use. Always it’s better than best to go through the manual of the oil and the compatibility of it. You always have the option to consult with your local supplier to know what is the best option for you in the market. And if not carquest oil which one should be more compatible. But considering other lubricants in the market right now, carquest icould be the right choice for certain engines and vehicles.